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At some point in our lives, we make it to a stage where we think we’re happy.  We may have a steady job, a partner, possibly a family, and everything is okay... but it’s just “okay”.  We’ve settled, at best we’re content, but we’re not really happy.

I was in that place less than 3 years ago.  Behind closed doors, I was far from happy, what everyone saw on social media or even in public.  Friends would even use what I had as an example to aspire to, believing that it was what happiness looked like, in the real world.  It wasn’t...

Once the fire was lit, the flames burnt it all to the ground, and it was clear that I needed to search and find my true self, for the sake of my own happiness, which I knew I deserved to find.

Don’t ever be afraid to burn down something “beautiful” in search of true happiness. 


  • The "BURN DOWN SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL" premium t-shirt.
  • Front of garment features trad tattoo font logo.
  • Back of garment features our new BDSB design.
  • Printed on 100% combed and ring spun cotton.
  • Our premium unisex t-shirt is soft and fits perfect on men and women.
  • All products are designed and printed in the UK.

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