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I’ve wanted to do a shirt like this for a while, and earlier this year, during a night out (when there were these little places open called pubs) I had an experience... and I had to get this message out there - - - taking a stand for beards, everywhere!! Picture the scene... it’s a casual Friday night in the local. You’re having a great time, chatting, drinking, just generally unwinding after a stressful week. You introduced to a couple of girls that are on a night out, and they’re somewhat regulars of the pub, your fiancé is familiar with them as she works at the establishment. Everything seems fine, friendly, then as you’re leaving to go to the next pub, you observe the pleasantries and engage in a friendly hug, only then to be met with (without warning) a firm grip (rather, a claw full) of your beard!!!! Seriously?! What gives you the right to just grab away?! Yes, it’s real, it’s attached, and yes, I grew it myself.... BUT... I don’t want your grubby hands all over it, especially without asking!! This is not an isolated incident... and it needs to STOP!

I KNOW I’M NOT ALONE IN THIS! I’m Andy, and I’m more than just a beard!!



  • The "MORE THAN JUST A BEARD" black premium tee.
  • Front of garment features our new MTJAB design, pocket print.
  • Back of garment features our new MTJAB design, full back print.
  • Printed on 100% ring spun cotton jersey..
  • Our premium unisex tee is soft and fits perfect on men and women.
  • All products are designed and printed in the UK.

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