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Now let me preface this description with the following disclaimer... This IS NOT us trying to jump on the bandwagon and profit from the horrific events taking place around the world.  Those that have followed us from at least November last year will know that this design has been in the wings waiting to release for months. I want to make it clear that the original story of this design was aimed at mental well-ness, a story that focused on self worth, reminding is that no matter what our personal demons are, if you cut us open we all bleed red, that we all deal with our demons in different ways, but that inside, we’re all the same.  

Clearly following the recent events in America and the aftermath that we’re seeing around the world surrounding the murder of George Floyd, and the civil unrest that has followed both in the states and across the world, this design can be given a whole new meaning.  I mean, think about it, it’s not just about what demons we hold inside anymore, it’s about our prejudices and our taught beliefs that any one human can be worth more or is superior to another just because of a pigment in our skin.  That’s absolute B.S and I will argue to the death with anyone that believes there is a supreme race on this planet.  In fact, no, better yet, if you do oppose this view, get off our site now, I don’t want to deal with you. 

I believe that inside we’re all the same, and we should treat everyone with the same love, compassion, kindness and empathy, regardless of the colour of their skin, their beliefs or where in the world they were born.

Peace and love 🖤



  • The "INSIDE WE'RE ALL THE SAME" black premium tee.
  • Printed on 100% ring spun cotton jersey..
  • Our premium unisex tee is soft and fits perfect on men and women.
  • 3 screen front print and 3 screen back print (hence the slightly inflated price compared to our wider range of items).
  • All products are designed and printed in the UK.

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