The idea.  The message.

"Fuck the rules. Fuck the system."


Humble beginnings

The story of Dethrone The King Co starts way back in summer of 2014, when founder Andy Watson began sketching t-shirt designs while living in the 'box room' at his dad's house.  During the festive season that year, Andy registered the domain name and began furnishing the site with his designs.  

After creating the social channels for DTK, a plan was put in place to launch the brand at the end of 2015 however, an unexpected thing happened when posting the mock designs on Instagram... ORDERS!  

With no stock purchased, and no plan of how to go about the logistics of running the brand (that was all to be done later that year) DTK began receiving orders for our debut FLAMES design.

A quick order was placed with a local supplier to get the initial stock to fulfil the pre-orders.  Boom - Dethrone The King was thrust on to the scene

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