"Cool shit, honest stories, real emotion”

- Andy Watson (Founder / Operator)


Humble beginnings

The story of Dethrone The King Co dates back to summer of 2014, when founder Andy Watson began drawing / sketching while living in the 'box room' at his dad's house, as a way to expand upon his creative side.  During the festive season that year, after spending months toying with an idea of starting a brand, Andy registered the domain name for DTK and launched a basic online store with 1 single product (“Flames”) marked as a PRE-ORDER. He posted a mock of the T-shirt on Instagram, to generate a some awareness for when (and at that stage, if) he actually went ahead & launched the brand. Then, something unexpected happened... orders (6 in 2 days). 

Caught off guard by this unexpected turn of events, he quickly completed the website to make it something half decent & launched the store. An order went to the local screen printers for 20 x shirts (our debut "IN FLAMES" design). What happened next was crazy. People started asking for NEW products. What had just happened was he had inadvertently launched the brand, before any kind of strategy was in place, or any real idea of what he was doing.  He quickly completed 5 new designs, and with the financial help of his dad, he fully stocked the store with 5 new shirt designs & 3 snapbacks. DTK became known as one of hundreds (if not thousands) of “tattoo inspired clothing brands”. The original collections were bold, but they lacked emotion or a “story”.  DTK enjoyed a number of small successes between 2015-2107 including being approached to design and produce the official 2015 Croydon Tattoo Convention T-shirt. 

The end of DTK?

Come 2017, after building up an audience of thousands online, DTK came to abrupt end. We lost access to our social media accounts, and even our webstore. That was the end of DTK, or so we thought.

After a brief spell for ‘personal repairs’ following repeated bouts of anxiety, depression and alcohol abuse, DTK returned in 2019, starting from scratch on social media, with a new website, and a new purpose. It was the ‘break’ that would define the new direction of DTK. Designs inspired by Andy’s emotional truth.

From that very first order way back in May 2015 (I still remember that customer’s name), we always dreamt that we would be able to build something that to be proud of, & although we lost our way, it was the overwhelming love and support of you guys that kept the dream alive, and reignited the fire. DTK is reenergised, to draw more cool shit - with honest stories. The vision is clear, we know that we’ve found our path... “cool shit, honest stories, real emotion”.

We hope you love our story, where we have come from, and where we are going.

Thanks for stopping by!

Andy (Founder / Operator)

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