Several of the team behind the scenes at DTK are musicians, and we’re all about support up and coming, or even established touring bands, but we don't buy into the traditional endorsements 'thing'.  Our previous experience of this model was that bands simply approached us, with the expectation of just getting free shit to wear, as if we should just be thankful that they want to wear our gear.  There was no ‘two-way street’ and it just didn’t feel right.  We believe that endorsements are in essence a business relationship, which should be beneficial to both parties.  Not one party giving shit away for free with almost zero return.

So, how are DTK going to approach this?  Well, it’s quite simple really.... we want to hear from bands that love what we do, and if we dig your sound / image - we'll send you some free merch to wear on stage, at photo / video shoots, or just to go down the pub in.  We'll also add you to our 'roster' of bands that we support.  You’ll get some new items from most of our new product drops (quantities at our discretion).  In addition, you'll also get features on our website and social channels, featured on our Spotify playlists, featured on our upcoming ‘What We’re Listening To” blog, and be invited to perform at the annual DTK FESTIVAL (more on that soon) 🤘🏻

In return, we would simply expect social posts and shoutouts to promote the brand to your fan base, shout out our new products and whatever else we have going on throughout the year, and basically just general love and support for the brand.  If it’s successful, then we both win! 

Sound good?  Email us at and we'll check you out, and if we love what we see/hear, we'll get back at you! 

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