Anchored T-shirt

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We spend our entire lives searching for what we want, and that ultimate dream of happiness.  As a race, we always want what we don’t have, and in the event we reach that goal, it often proves to be not enough... and we want something more.  We never stop and say “hey, this is awesome, this is where I should be... I’m happy!”  We all need to reflect on this, and sometimes we need to realise that we have everything we’ve always wanted, and enjoy it for what it is.  After spending years chasing what I thought I wanted and what would make me happy, it took 1 single action to set in motion a chain of events that would, at the time, pull the rug right from underneath me, and send me into alcohol abuse and abandonment of my life values.  Off the rails doesn’t really cover it.  Those that knew me personally would often say that I was unrecognisable from the person they knew and loved!  It was a chance meeting, through mutual friends that I met someone that saw the world in the same way that I did, with the same hopes and dreams!  Fast forward now almost 2 years on,  I can honestly say that I have well and truly dropped my anchor, with my little family, and I’m exactly where I want to be!  My heart is home.  I am home!  I am anchored!


  • The "Anchored" Black premium tee.
  • Front of garment features a brand new DTK logo
  • Back of garment features large print ANCHORED design
  • Printed on 100% ring spun cotton jersey..
  • Our premium unisex tee is soft and fits perfect on men and women.
  • All products are designed and printed in the UK.

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